XERIC AR - Augmented Reality in Soccer

It’s a technology used throughout top industries ranging from travel to healthcare to automotive, yet is heavily under-utilized in sports where hundreds of millions of fan are asking for new engaging experiences both in and outside the stadium.  But it doesn´t stop there.  
Sports is Augmented Reality’s next big market, and we are here to bring it to you.
AR is an interactive experience of the real world direct from your smart phone or tablet, and is a very powerful visual tool which engages soccer fans in areas of marketing, social media, player analysis and game play.  Outside of fans, AR benefits both players and clubs, as well as sponsors and soccer related companies.

So why AR? 

Augmented Reality is a new solution to promote players and clubs in an captivating way, including 3D imaging. Through either a custom or branded AR app, user analytics are derived and provide insight to specifics about app users so that marketing initiatives can be properly targeted. Don’t be fooled – AR is not just for fans as end users may also be players themselves for performance improvement. The graphic below in an in-depth look into how AR can be utilized from a fan perspective.
All of our Augmented Reality development is handled through our technology division, Aurem.  All tools are created in-house at Aurem and fully customizable.  Customers of Aurem can be found throughout all of North and South America, and for specific case AR case studies, please reach us through the contact page!